Our Services

VIP and Delegation security based on the knowledge the team members have gained during years of experience in personnel security positions. 

The operational and security plan is based on the team’s knowledge, experience, personal intelligence, and global intelligence, as well as strong relationships with the local authorities to assure maximum personal security to the personnel or Delegation. 

VIP and Delegation Security

The company’s security guards are graduates of GSS Security course, they can be armed upon request and qualified to work all over the world.

Operational Drivers- This service is tailored for businesspeople. Our drivers are qualified and trained for operational driving, their experience is mainly from the military service and GSS. 

Responsiveness- fast response for and service for security requests globally. 

Global Deployment- Our company is able to provide professional security solutions globally, including armed guards, armored vehicles and more. 

Undercover Security

One of our unique services is covert security by senior and professional members of the Israeli security units. Our security personnel people are trained to locate potential attack before it reaches the target by using professional skills. A covert security system is a significant and crucial part of the security layers, our team works with advanced technology to locate the opponent on tim

State Witness protection- ״King’s witness” is a suspect, a criminal defendant who testifies on behalf of the prosecution against his colleagues or accomplices in the offense following an agreement made with the prosecution. The state witness is threatened by criminal elements from the signature date until the end of his life.

Security consulting

As a security company we provide consulting services for governments, public and private costumers, which enables them to strengthen their existing security layer, and deal with current and future threats. Our security consultants have decades of experience in overt and covert security consulting.

The main advantage of the company is the ability to adjust the security layer needs based on the area and the stage of the activity: 

  • Characterization:  Characterization of the operational requirements of the required space of defense.
  • Planning: Design of the concept of the security layer for the defense space by our team of experts
  • Execution: Building a broad technological infrastructure and providing physical strength based on the requirement.
  • Accompaniment: Accompanying and initiating the security system to maximize the defense capabilities.
  • Training: Training the human factor and integrating the defense system.
  • Periodic monitoring: conducting periodic inspections to preserve, improve and update the defense system.

Area portfolio 

  • The area portfolio is the main database of the compound and serves as the organizational memory and as a cooperation aid that creates a common language between the compounds employees and the security units including the rescue units. 
  • The Area portfolio main goal is to improve the level of familiarity of the compound employees and external parties with the compound to be better prepared for emergency situations.
  • The area portfolio is in fact a common and updated database so that when necessary, it will help to improve and shorten the response times of the relief and rescue forces. In the event of an early warning of an expected emergency event, the field file will be used as a basis for the early assessments and as a means by which appropriate and clear instructions can be conveyed, before and during the event, to the site’s employees and managers.
  • Secured general will build this file after several introductory meetings and field tours to get to know the compound and its immediate surroundings. Field tour will be conducted in each stage of the activity to learn the special characteristics of each stage.